Anyone reading my previous notes or if you have caught my presentation will have noticed my insistance that social media is an integrated part of SEO. Well Google have just taken that to the next level by fully incorporating social media into the results page

OK, they’ve been doing this since 2009 in bits and bobs, but its just been pushed to a new level. But why now?

1. Google spam
Google is getting gamed, big time. Its taken drastic steps recently against link farms, but accusations still persist that for some searches it is simply returning rubbish. It’s worth remembering that the core link popularity system Google is built on is from yesterday’s internet. Social media represents a human based search approval system on a massive scale.

2. Revenue protection
Google has some ambitious plans, and to fund them it needs eyeballs and clicks on it’s SERPS. I’m guessing that despite those ever healthy profit postings, a tiny little shallowing of the graph is there as advertisers play with Facebook ans social media campaigns. Google’s move is smart – re-purpose itself to make it part of the social media circle, rather than outside it.

However, what Google is doing is creating a market for a new search engine format, so it will need to stay lively in case others move into search town!

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