A little light hearted SEO news for you today – a charming story of how 1 couple’s unfortunate accident led to a huge rise in a companies search engine rankings.

Accident Claims, a UK based provider of compensation for those who have injured themselves have done relatively well SEO wise from an embarrassing comment left by a couple who claimed £2k for slipping over in a toilet.

The message is relatively explicit – you can read it here – if you so wish. Or alternatively you can zoom your browser into the image below.

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The comment made the front page and subsequently went viral – an now for a search of Accident Claims you find www.accidentclaims.co.uk.

Whether this was a deliberate ploy to gain some virality, or should that be notoriety? We shall never know. But it shows just how important social media to SEO nowadays…

Now, once I heard about this story, I decided it would probably best if I did a bit of research into this site – and I can confirm that I don’t believe any of the back links to the site to be overtly “blackhat“, rather a fairly modest combination of acquired links over a fairly long period. You can see the information that I used here.

What will be interesting is how long this listing will remain at #1. I don’t expect very long – but I’m sure the company are grateful for the increased, probably non-relevant traffic!

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