It’s no secret that Google want to see a web that is better optimised for mobiles – after all, mobile devices will be the primary web access platform for most of us soon.


Now, Google are going to ‘incentivise’ (i.e hit with a large stick) websites that rely on Adwords but fail to optimise thier web pages for mobile. Through changes to the Adwords Quality Score algorithm, if your page does not load well on mobile, you will findyourself paying more per click for your Adwords traffic.


Oh Hell – What Can I do Right Now?

Have you tested your website recently on Mobile? Borrow some Android and Apple phones and have a look. Is it slow? Are there missing elements? Can the page more or less load without much scrolling?

Sites like ours (oh yes) can sit comfortably in a smartphone display. We also used HTML5 for the changing homepage slider, and ensured graphics were optimised for fast loading.

If you see issues with your site, and you are running on a WordPress or Drupal CMS, you are in luck. A quick fix would be to install a plugin that detects mobile browsers and away you go – then in the meantime, (because these plug ins do not make for the most attractive pages) like a true web ninja, you will be coding up new pages to take advantage of smaller mobile formats in a cleverer way. Wont you?!!

If you are on a custom CMS (you know, the paid licence CMS your web developer said they invented ‘especially’ for clients like you) then most likely you are already staring at a six figure invoice to do what a WordPress user did on their lunchbreak. (Did I mention we are fans of WordPress?)

Either way, I would consider getting something done. It’s insanity not to – it’s not really a rise in CPC that’s the real cost here, it’s the loss of business you are experiencing due to a high bounce rate from mobile paid search visitors. And don’t forget that many Adwords algorithm tweaks come from findings in Google’s organic search division – it may well be that your reliance on Adwords in the first place is partly due to a poor SEO showing because you have failed to cater for all device types!

Having scared you enough, It would be remiss of me not to extend the helping hand 🙂 Here at Goldladder though, our eye is on your conversion rate and CPA, not licensing and re-engineering fees, so rest easy!