Google have made a move to import analytics goal results back into Adwords (taken from the Google Analytics Blog) This is great news and very important, as exsiting Adwords tracking has been very basic, while at Goldladder we have provided some very elegant and effective Goals and tracking solutions using Google Analytics.

This probably follows on from the changes Google made previously to have the link between analytics and an associated adwords account permanent.

I see this move, and other moves over to CPA models (see this post) as a way for Google to start accessing money beyond the PPC arena. There has always been an incredible amount of ad revenue floating around in the affiliate/ CPA world, and now this can be accessed by Google directly.

It will spell tough times for casual adwords users, and it will mean more resources need to go into the planning and strategy of a campaign. But if it means more people understand how much PPC truly costs, this is not a bad thing – stopping or fixing unprofitable PPC campaigns is a very profitable exercise!

As ever, contact Goldladder to see how we can help in this regard.