new financial times web appThe FT’s new web app has been launched, in what is a leading move in online newspaper publishing. Goldladder are excited to be providing the first ever global SEM push for a major news title web app format, which gives readers greater choice in how they access FT content on mobile devices. This is a great move for the Financial Times, as it creates a healthy diversity in online publishing formats, avoiding reliance on an app marketplace – a topic I highlighted a while ago here.

What are the considerations when targeting specific devices and platforms with PPC? Firstly, account and campaign architecture based around devices is key. It allows for granular control of brand representation and a deeper understanding of user behaviour against mobile device types. This approach compliments our existing international desktop campaigns for the Financial Times, and allows us to create a multi-channel approach to search engine marketing.

PPC ad representation and formats differ from one device platform to another. So we have developed preview tools and techniques to explore exactly how an ad is represented in the various mobile browsers. Extended headlines, sitelinks, placements, extended dynamic KW insertion and appended URL’s – SEM ad presentation is diversifying at a growing rate. To test, we have recently invested in a range of iOS and Android phones and tablets, allowing account managers to optimise ad performance based on real world viewing environments.

Keywords too benefit from this segmented approach. Think about the on-the-go searches performed on mobile devices, and you’ll be steering your keyword lists into the shorter phrases preferred by your mobile audience. Undoubtedly long tail keyword usage will continue to grow on mobile, but for now it’s a good strategy to optimise keywords specifically for mobile.

It’s great to be involved in cutting edge technologies, and here at Goldladder we are big fans of the web app format. The Financial Times have pushed the boundaries with development and user experience, and created something elegant, functional and performance based – inspiring us to adopt the same approach in our PPC campaigns. If you would like to find out more about our approach to marketing apps, web or downloadable formats, contact us.

To find out more about the FT’s move into the world of web apps, read this excellent Techcrunch post, or watch the FT’s own Youtube video.