What a hectic past few months. Hard to believe somewhere in there was Christmas, and lots of snow! At Goldladder, we have moved to the Innovations Center at Exeter University, a great community of like minded companies with innovation, research, and a progressive outlook as a requirement at the center.

On paper, it would be the worst time to welcome on board new clients, but we have – lots! – and we need to grow again, fast. Luckily we have been elevated to ninja masters in efficient thinking and working methods. We have to hand many bright minds here at the University, as well as our new friends from the many local companies we have been involved with over the past few months. Also, our ongoing commitment to use Basecamp in conjunction with customers and contributing companies is really paying off, and we have had some excellent rewards and referrals from this way of working.

The big prize here at our new HQ is the view – our office is perched up at the high end of the University, with enormous windows overlooking the city to the SW, widening out to the estuary and Moretonhampstead (although it might be said by some here that the real prize is access to all campus facilities and venues, including the student bars…!)