It’s great in this day and age when an offline campaign generates a buzz around your business.  Local ads, shows, openings and product launches are all instances that can have people looking for your product with your brand fresh in their minds.

The most prepared of us will of course have SEM primed, so that the inevitable rise in searches means for at least a shortwhile you are pushing your best conversion- winning keywords to the top.

But if you are a large organisation with multiple events, or maybe a keynote speaker on a gruelling tour, factoring in the these ‘hotspot’ boosts to your campaign and spotting conversion clusters can be time consuming and impossible.

All to often we look at AdWords or analytics and say “hey, there was a jump in impressions on a widget campaign last Tuesday in Berlin, hang on wasn’t Joe out there giving a speech?”

So, rather than handing your competitors free activity, try Conversion Based Bidding. This function intelligently watches for clusters of activity from a numerous of parameters.  These could be:

Time of Day

Once a particular set of circumstances creates a conversion, AdWords watches hard for the same circumstances around these parameters, and adjusts the bid accordingly, ensuring you get in front of the interest YOU are creating!

Get in touch with us if you are intesrested in this way of setting up AdWords to work the way you do.