Sometimes you work with clients that like to see if their brand gets exposure in the press, local or national. Other times, it’s about spotting valuable links from the big news websites out there. Or as is more often the case, you can be asked to evaluate the relationship between SEO and PR, especially as PR is often questioned from an ongoing expense point of view. Would it be good if you could quickly check and keep track of any activity from the newspaper and press sites that supplied traffic to your site? Of course it would!

The new Google Analytics interface may have taken away good old PDF reports (boo!) but they did give us some great custom dashboards which can be shared. So I have made a quick dashboard that shows traffic to your site from popular UK news sites. Use the link below to add a new analytics dashboard to your account.

You can edit each widget to suit – note I have created two local papers there that you will want to change depending on your local rag. Enjoy!