If you are looking to expand your presence in Asia, it’s worth knowing the search engines your prospective audience uses.
All the Asian search engines pull in organic results. But undertaking SEO in asia for the expanding business will typically involve investment in creating local language content, possible domain acquisitions, and thinking about where servers are located. It’s a bit of a risky first step, so a better use would be to pilot a SEM (PPC) schemes. This allows fine control of listings, and will test the markets against your services and products.
Locations are important too, as there can be a marked difference between internationalised urban centres in Asia and surrounding areas. PPC will allow precise targeting on this front.
This great infographic below shows which engines service which countries. It’s therefore likely that in addition to your existing Adwords and Bing/Yahoo accounts, you most likely need to gear up for:
1. Baidu
2. Naver
3. Duam
Top Search Engines in Asia
Good luck heading East! You are always welcome to contact us for further help in setting up your Asian PPC campaigns.