Reviewing Google’s Academy for Ads.

Being the newest member and also the first one who has used the new Academy for Ads in
the office, it was decided that it was only right for me to write this blog post.

I am a new recruit here at Goldladder and whilst needing to be certified in both Adwords Fundamental and one other section, in my case the Google Shopping Certification, I have been studying on Academy for Ads for the past couple of weeks. Here are my completely unbiased thoughts about it.

I shall ironically start by concluding that overall for its intended target audience and purpose, Academy for Ads is a great tool for helping ‘newbies’ learn the ins and outs of Adwords.
I was surprised to find out it was a new feature and that the only option before was the mundane looking Google Partner site. Upon realising this and having a brief look at what the Google Partner site looked like I understood how useful of a tool Academy for Ads actually is.

Firstly, showing how to setup things step by step is by all means a great feature because it is getting people to actually learn about Adwords rather than purely using it to become certified. However, I can’t help feel a lot of people are using it wholly as a revision source to pass the exam and the focus of the questions in the exam are not really about the setup of an Ad etc. I believe having 2 sections; one aimed at people whose focus is on purely becoming certified, and one aimed at people learning what they need to know about setting up a campaign, for example, would be a good solution.

As with anything, there were a few minor errors such as misspellings, little glitches and one piece of text replacing all apostrophes with ‘@’. There was also a tutorial which wanted me to type a piece of text – which for the life of me I can’t remember, and due to my unwillingness to go through every page I used to find it we’re going to have to settle for- “something” which I had to type character for character. However even after immaculately checking for a good 5 minutes longer than I needed to, consulting my colleagues to see what was wrong and exiting the course many times, it still wouldn’t except the piece of text which I have no doubt was 100% correct. So with that I exited the course for a final time and it was left incomplete.

Page of Site Showing Ease of Use.

The ease of use was great and apart from the few minor errors I’ve mentioned there really was no problem. The type of language and vocabulary used was something that at times could be worked on, as there were a few instances when a course went from being somewhat patronising in the detail of explanation to then expecting a high amount of previous knowledge about something else that I can only assume most users have never come across. Finding a steady balance is key for this type of structure and would definitely be something I’d like to see improved in future.

This brings me nicely on to my next point, consistency. Throughout, the consistency was something that struck me as great when thinking about user experience. For example, if you were studying for the AdWords fundamental exam, after you completed the first couple of pages of the revision tabs you could pretty much work your way round the rest of them with little to no trouble. I feel like this would apply for the rest of the courses as well.

The Google Support page links at the bottom of each course were very advantageous once I started using them. There could be a case there to make them a bigger part of the course, but in reality I put not using them down to a regrettable lack in curiosity on my behalf.
Since I discovered them, in the Google Shopping exam I have been using them to my advantage.

Links and Site of Google Support Page’s.

Having persuaded myself out of making a whole point about how the site could be more concise, due to my understanding that there are people even less in-the-know than I. I should say that the Google Support pages are definitely recommended if all you’re looking for is concise information and if the Academy for Ads courses are becoming understandably condescending and tedious.

Overall, the site was a great asset to my learning and is recommended for anyone starting out in Adwords.

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