Adwords Company Techniques

What exactly makes an Adwords company, and what do they do to keep campaign performance alive?

While I’m sure there are many different types of Adwords companies out there, here’s a broad insight into some of the ways we organise ourselves around the Google ad platform.

1. Never stop checking
Always keep your Adwords campaigns live, and in front of you. You’ll notice the multiple screens per user here at Goldladder and I’ve noticed this at other agencies too. Adwords management’s closest relative in terms of information and organisation is proberbly stock market traders – the need is for instinctive, accessable information.

2. Adwords Toolbox
The only tools you’ll need are all from Google, and like all tools it’s knowing how to use them that counts.

– Adwords Editor
– Keyword Tool
– Google Insights
– Google Preview Tool
– Google Analytics

It’s the interplay between these research/ management / analytics systems that produce results, so a good team will understand the strengths and limitations of these tools.

3. Alerts
Adwords has a great alerting system that can notify you of any changes to spend, clicks or conversions for better or worse. A good Adwords company will use these!

4. Reports
The bane of the Adwords company – but do not over complicate your custom reports and make them prone to data entry errors. Adwords has some great views available as reports – especially with dimension reporting. Working from orginal adwords reports directly with the client is also a transparent and ethical way of working. Better still, encourage your client to log into analytics and Adwords directly, especially during review calls and meetings.

5. Conversion based performance
An Adwords company may say that every keyword is bid micro-managed but in reality its not the case, especially if you have a fair amount on the go (as you should). A good organisation will make full use of conversion based bidding and rules within Adwords to ensure that campaigns reacts appropriately to conversion related activity.

6. Get creative
Work on those Ads! When a client needs more out of Adwords, always ensure you look at ads first. Improve CTR by split testing best ads, and always keep this process going. It may feel like you are getting nowhere, but a couple of months of incremental gains on ad performance will burn of competition easily. Take inspiration from anything when it comes to ads, on a page of mostly dull text, being quirky often pays off. A good Adwords company will ensure plenty of time for ad creativity from it’s staff.

7. Challenge and rebuild
Dont be afraid to restructure campaigns. An Adwords company should be ready to serve the client, so if their business model changes, so should your Adwords account. Build in time to look at maintenance and overhauls. And of course, a good Adwords company will do this without trashing valuable history and performance data.

8. Back to school
An Adwords company, UK or worldwide, must retain it’s Google Qualified Adwords Company status by ensuring exams are taken regularly. But exploring the higher levels of achievement available is a great way for that company to explore new features and consolidate existing knowledge.

9. Face to face
If you got into Adwords to hide behind your many screens for the rest of your life, you wont last long. Ensure you meet the client in person. All sorts of ideas and inspiration will result, as well as a more productive relationship. A good Adwords company should see it’s account managers take regular trips. This includes talking to Marketing heads and the techs.

10. Share the load
Too many larger Adwords companies end up being just a collection of individuals. Look for a company with a smaller team and ensure you can jump straight into a conversation with anyone about your account, not just the official account manager.

If done thouroughly, the above is more than enough to keep your hired PPC Bods busy! Goldladder is an Adwords Company, UK based, and we can help with your SEM projects. Contact Us to find out more.

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About the Author:

Matt is a Goldladder co-founder and Director, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty on any project! With a technical background and healthy dislike of marketing in general, Matt looks towards data and conversions in a project rather than jumping on the latest bandwagon. He is Exeter based, often in London, and enjoys visiting the sharp end and exploring how the online world translates into real business for his clients. Matt has Google and Microsoft accreditations, enjoys Basecamp’s project management approach, and refuses to believe anything is real until it can be tracked in Google Analytics.