Adwords and SEO: welcome to Google’s world of pay-to-play

At Goldladder we have seen the rise of Adwords display, via Adwords remarketing, topics and channels, to transform it a very cost effective solution with a healthy reach into new leads. This FT article shows how this strategy has helped Google win back the hearts of investors. However, what the article doesn’t cover (and what we at Goldladder know all too well!) is that Google is extracting plenty more dollars from traditional SEM too. With ad space dominating the SERPS via enhanced Adwords site links, paid maps etc, Google are squeezing out traditional organic traffic sources, making search a pay-to-play system for businesses. This also includes some very aggressive rises in brand-bidding – meaning even those companies refusing to play the Adwords game are finding that searches for their own brand is not guaranteed to be free of competitors.

So, should SEO junkies despair? Not at all! ‘Paying’ for your search traffic is not just a PPC transaction – instead why not pay via investing in helpful, fresh non-spammy content on your domain and social media profiles? This way you will stand a better chance than ever of achieving a free quality traffic stream, that’s often healthier in terms of conversion rate than the usual dross. Avoid buying links, represent yourself on one domain and ensure you connect with all the Google services such as Plus/ Places/ Shopping etc – in other words, play by the rules.

So the takeaway here for the future is the knowledge that Google want you to pay for your traffic – either in dollars or with fresh juicy content. Way back in at the start of the year I spoke about the age old PPC or SEO debate! Here at Goldladder, we execute perfectly blended SEO & PPC management solutions to help your business get this mix just right.

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