Are mobile devices the preferred platform for Xmas shopping this year?

The introduction of tablets and smart phones has made consumer shopping more convenient and easier than ever to browse and purchase desired products. According to recent studies, 31% of mobile users make purchases on the go, while a massive 63% of tablet users have also used their device to make purchases. One of the main primary traffic sources are provided from consumers who research products while in store or online, before making the purchase of a product.

To answer the question, desktops are still the main source for consumers to make purchases for every day shopping needs but this doesn’t mean tablets or mobiles will eventually be the preferred consumer choice for shopping. As technologies continue to emerge and innovate, it will become increasingly important to optimise your site for mobile and support the user experience which is associated with purchasing a product on the go.

Putting a bigger emphasis on your marketing campaign for mobile devices this Xmas could help you achieve a greater return on investment and earn you some extra mince pies for the festive season!

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