PPC Management: What’s the Point?

It all seems so simple. You, enterprising business owner, have set up your Google Adwords account, created a campaign, ad groups, a pretty thorough keyword list and (though you say it yourself) some pretty damn good search and display ads. "Who needs a professional agency", you chuckle as you sit back, secure in the knowledge [...]

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Viewability: Google’s Latest Attempt to Engineer Accountability on the Display Network

So begins a new year and with it, a new attempt by Google to create a more measurable metric for those looking to optimise their ad campaigns on its massive and rather nebulous Display Network. Viewability is at its most basic, a modification of the CPM style bidding already used on the Display Network. When [...]

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Hummingbird Google Update – Top 5 things you need to know

Google is constantly improving its search engine, which is always changing and evolving to improve the overall user experience for relevant information and data. The new algorithm -  Hummingbird Google update is no exception to this and is looking to raise the bar for high quality page content and creation. Here are the top 5 [...]

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New Goldladder HQ

What a hectic past few months. Hard to believe somewhere in there was Christmas, and lots of snow! At Goldladder, we have moved to the Innovations Center at Exeter University, a great community of like minded companies with innovation, research, and a progressive outlook as a requirement at the center. On paper, it would be [...]

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Safe Searching and Internet Browsing for Kids

Time to bring back the spirit of the beeb micro? Apologies for going slightly off topic with this post, but I’ve discovered that undertaking the task of protecting small people online is not an easy one. There are various products, services and methods, and you still get the nasty feeling that there could be holes [...]

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Hello @pipersfarm

Welcome on board, Pipers Farm. Serviced by both Saluma and Goldladder, Pipers Farm require a full Search and Social package as they seek to expand their online presence. I have established www.pipersfarmblog.co.uk as their social media hub, giving Peter Greig a platform with which to engage anyone interested in sustainable farming and the whole organic/food [...]

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Googling with Bing

Bing has gained impressive ground since launch, and it's good to see competition in search. While I cant see an immediate threat to Google, I have observed some interesting ways in which the 'general public' have found and reacted to Bing, and their long term habits thereafter. I've collected some of there comments and observations, [...]

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Troops March through Exeter.

Watch around 700 brave servicemen and women from units recently returned from Operation Herrick 9 in Afghanistan, marching through Exeter. Unique footage taken from The Goldladder office window! Please show your support by Royal British Legion donations on: 0845 845 1945 or donating online

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