Christmas Keyword Research Tips

“‘Tis the season to be jolly”; or at least it ought to be for businesses looking to optimise their keywords for Christmas shoppers scouring the internet for the best deals. With search terms like ‘Cyber Monday’ and ‘Black Friday’ consistently recording massive interest spikes on Google Trends throughout the first week of December each year and the popularity of the term ‘Cyber Monday Deals’ doubling from 2010 to 2012, there is massive potential for businesses to dramatically improve their revenue streams by using these keywords to tap in to the seasonal markets.

UK black Friday

Yearly increase in the popularity of the keyword “UK black Friday”

The concept of an annual sale that marks the beginning of the holiday consumer rush has long been an internet phenomenon in the U.S., and despite the comparatively minuscule rates of interest in the U.K., the yearly graph demonstrates a steady and significant increase in the popularity of that particular search term each year.

Related searches - uk black friday

2013’s most popular related keywords for “UK black Friday”

Used by retail giants to kick start their Christmas campaigns with explosive sales figures, this term has caught on quickly on both sides of the pond and shows little sign of slowing down. Combined with the launch of new tech in the Christmas build up, be it the latest incarnation of the i-pad or the latest autumn fashions, the chance to snap up the latest gifts for a bargain has been expertly exploited through these simple keywords. In addition, the time limited nature of the keyword, when coupled with the fierce competition on the part of businesses to offer the best deals and the desperation of consumers to find them, the keywords ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ are likely only to increase in popularity each year.

Another good example are keywords like ‘tech gifts’, which have consistently improved their popularity rating in Google trends, improving nearly 20% from Christmas 2010 to Christmas 2012.

tech gifts 2004 present

“Yearly increase in the popularity of the keyword “tech gifts”

Those involved in the video game industry have used advancements in multi-media and interactive technology to market their platforms as all round entertainment systems for the whole family, presenting their consoles as an essential part of any living room, rather than simply a niche product for men and teenage boys. In addition, the development of the smart phone as a camera, MP3 player and social media platform has created a market not only for the phones themselves, but the wireless speakers, hubs and televisions compatible with them, further increasing the range of products available to buy over the Christmas period.

Christmas songs youtube search

Increasing seasonal search volume for the phrase “Christmas songs youtube”

The change in keyword trends during Christmas is not just a reflection of changing consumer habits and product development. The increasing popularity of certain keywords seems to suggest that the very approach to the culture of Christmas has changed. Take for example, the key phrase ‘Christmas songs youtube’.

Between 2011 and the beginning of 2013, the frequency of the keyword’s usage in December has increased by 50%, evidence that audiences are increasingly reliant on online media services for more traditional cultural events. In terms of advertising, the use of sites like Youtube to access Christmas songs and content demonstrates to businesses that, in advertising their own seasonal offers and services on the site, they have access to an audience invested in the cultural experience they are using as part of their own marketing strategy.

These three search terms make up only a tiny proportion of the Christmas related keywords available to incorporate in to seasonal marketing strategy, but it should give an impression of the increasing popularity of certain keywords and the manner in which they can be used to improve seasonal search volumes and impressions.



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