Facebook Analytics – Facebook Insights

Facebook developed Insights to provide application developers and page owners with easily accessible information around their content with an emphasis on measuring deeper engagement analytics and providing the demographics for interactions.

Knowing your target audience is an extremely important part of advertising a business; be that online or off-line. Obviously.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights gives a real time analytics of engagements such as Active Users, Number of Likes, Unlikes and External Referrers. On the demographic part of Insights you get great real time demographic data that shows info such as Gender, Age, Countries and Cities. Facebook Insights help business owners understand and easily analyse trends within user growth levels and demographics and curate content as appropriate.

Getting Facebook Insights information is pretty easy:

  1. Visit:   http://www.facebook.com/insights/
  2. Click : “Insights for your Website”
  3. Type your domain address into the text box and select the user, page or application to link it with.
  4. Copy the meta tag provide and add it before the closing head tag </head>
  5. Click “Check Domain”. Once this button has been checked, your domain will appear on the left hand navigation bar under the “domains” section.

Not using Facebook Insights while actively pursuing a social campaign is a bit like shooting yourself in the foot. Just the medical bill will be higher!

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