Is Facebook Premium set to dominate Google Adwords as the webs ultimate advertising medium?

At Goldladder we specialise in creating Facebook marketing campaigns that will maximise success for your business. Facebook recently announced the Timeline layout is set to come into effect on all brand and profile pages on March 30 – expanding more potential for advertising on Facebook.

With recent updates comes an introduction of a new marketing product called ‘Facebook Premium’. This uses an ad pricing structure similar to paying for TV or YouTube advertising. The initial roll out of Facebook Premium Products are as follows:

  1. Ads will run on the right hand side of the page
  2. Ads to appear in your news feed (including mobile)
  3. Ads will appear when you log out
  4. Offers, discounts and promotions for fans

You’re probably thinking that you can already see ads running on the right hand side of the page. The Premium ads will originate from a brand page and consist of a status update or a new video upload rather than just a standard banner, engaging social reach.

It is clear Facebook are relying on brand power to increase social engagement and reach, via user interests or likes. Some brands are even solely reliant on sales through Paid Facebook advertising. Google Adwords does not need to solely rely on business brands or user interests to generate advertising revenue. The Adwords platform is more diverse and features on the Google SERP, Local search, Shopping results, YouTube, the increasingly popular Remarketing and display ads featured on the GDN.



Google Adwords currently has the throne as the webs ultimate advertising medium, but if Facebook continue to innovate and make huge developments in marketing then every business should seriously consider Facebook advertising.

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