Can Facebook advertising ever compete with Google?

It was just under a year ago I was writing a blog post on whether Facebook would be able to dominate Google AdWords as the ultimate advertising medium. Has this changed?

Facebook recently announced that they are now providing a conversion pixel that users can add to websites to track sales leads from Facebook paid ads. Google have used conversion tracking for a long time, so it seems this recent announcement is a few years too late!

However, the unique thing about the Facebook pixel is it can now show HOW the paid ads lead to purchases; even if they don’t happen the moment a consumer clicks. This will be specifically beneficial for tracking users across mobile devices and desktop websites, giving marketers more insights into buying habits that you don’t get with AdWords.

What’s more, the introduction of Facebook Remarketing that was introduced in the last quarter of 2012 has been hailed a successful Remarketing tool, showing Facebook do have the potential to generate profitable sales through paid ads.

But when it comes down to a comparison of user behaviours between Facebook and Google, the search engine power house will always have a distinct advantage:

• People predominantly use Facebook to connect socially
• People use Google to search for things

Based on these user behaviours, Google will always have the upper hand in the world of paid advertising, but that doesn’t mean Facebook can’t gain a slice of the Google market in the future if they continue to innovate through mobile and tablet devices.

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