Adwords Call Tracking For Mobile Devices Now Possible

Google’s Click to Call feature in Adwords has been a huge success. Google state that millions of calls each month are generated by ‘Click-to-Call’ ads, which is hardly unbelievable.

Tracking a Click-to-Call campaign is easy. When a user clicks the number in your ad, you are charged and Adwords associates a conversion with the related keyword and ad, simple!

Sometimes the user may wish to find out a little more info about you before they decide to call. The best practise here would be to have a mobile optimised landing page. Pretty much all smartphones will allow the user to ‘Click-to-Call’ the number on your landing page, but you wont be able to associate these calls with the Adwords click, thus losing valuable conversion data.

There are various 3rd party companies that offer call tracking solutions for desktops and mobile, but this incurs extra costs. With Googles latest Adwords feature, this is no longer necessary for mobile devices!

Yesterday Google released a new form of conversion code, specifically designed for tracking calls from mobile landing pages, and for now, it’s free!

I’s fairly easy to set up, and here’s how.

Go to “Reporting and Tools” tab and click on “Conversions”. Add your conversion name and switch the radio button to ‘Call’, then save and continue. On the next page set your preferred preferences, then save and continue.  You’ll then be supplied with the required code that needs to be added to ALL pages in-which you intend to track.

This is where things get slightly more tricky. Adwords doesn’t directly supply you with the required ‘onClick’ code that needs to be added in place of the phone number, instead it sends you off a support article with ‘examples’ of tracking codes. We found the following code worked perfectly for us. Again, this code needs to be added to ALL numbers you wish to track.

<a onClick=”goog_report_conversion” href=”tel://0845-602-9136″ >0845 602 9136</a>

Hopefully Google are working on an affordable, simple way of tracking desktop/ non Click-to-Call phone calls, but for now, this is a good start!

If you think you’re company could benefit from Click-to-Call, or any other SEM solutions, why not get in touch with us, and see if we can help!


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