Google Shopping: Optimising a search engine within a search engine.

As Google continues making changes to increase accuracy and relevancy for search results, businesses within the online retail market might find it increasingly competitive to get visibility on the first page for organic results.

At Goldladder, not only do we think it’s important to optimise your site for higher organic rankings, but it’s also increasingly important to optimise products for your online business to show for ‘shopping results’ too.

Sounds strait forward, think again! Once your products are uploaded to Google Shopping results, these too will need to be optimised for accuracy and relevancy in alignment with user searches. Not only does your website need to be optimised, the products also need to be optimised for product rankings. This is increasingly important as it is a method to gain positive user reviews which increase authenticity and trust. If a product receives more than 30 positive reviews it displays stars against an ad which really boosts click through rates.

Although it is free to create a Google product listing, Google plan to charge for these privileges in the near future. Google claim to give the product search a facelift, turning it into a purely commercial model built on product listing paid ads.

Our team at Goldladder have the knowledge and skills not only to optimise products for Google Shopping Results, but also track product performance to maximise revenue for your online business.

If you feel your online retail shop is not getting the exposure it deserves, why not contact us today? You could even drop in for a cup of tea and a chat with one of our experienced Account Managers…

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