Google Shopping Updates: What They Mean for You.

Good news! Google Shopping is being rolled out to all Adwords customers after successful trials in 2013 with a selection of early adopters. What’s Google Shopping? You mean you’re not entirely clear on what it can do? Well never fear, for I shall give you a quick and simple run-down on how exactly Goldladder can make Google Shopping and all its new features work for your business.

Behind the nuts and bolts of the Shopping Campaign feature of Google Adwords is a simple idea: Product driven businesses should be able to see exactly how their products behave in an e-commerce environment. Google allows you to create segments from your data stream that correspond to specific products, brands and even more subjective features, like style or season. These are then measured using the same metrics as ordinary Adwords campaigns (impressions, clicks, CTR and conversions). Finally, much like Google’s existing keyword planner, Google Shopping will give you insights into the relative competition for each item in the ad auction for Product Listing Ads, allowing you to target new areas for your business or improve the visibility of existing product campaigns.

Google Shopping is undoubtedly a significant step forward for online retailers looking to maximise their marketing potential, but like all Adwords products, it needs to be driven with a clear purpose in order to deliver measurable results that are consistently improving.

For example, a large online clothing retailer would benefit most by not simply transferring their whole marketplace in to Google Shopping, but rather by cherry picking their most competitive or profitable items and then developing an optimisation strategy. If designer handbags generate most of your income, Google Shopping will allow you to create separate feeds that let you examine the performance of individual brands, thereby giving you the opportunity to maintain the dominance of your best sellers and improve the marketing of any that seem to under-perform.

The key to making the most of Google Shopping is, as with all Google Adwords products, understanding exactly how it will develop your marketing strategy. Start small, use it to develop a smaller part of your e-commerce campaigns and then broaden the focus as you begin to see demonstrable results. Have a series of short to medium term goals that track the improvement of your campaigns, which in turn allows the creation of a cycle in which you can see at any moment how any given product may be performing.

High accountability and accurate, up to date campaign analysis are the principles on which Google Shopping can be made to work for your business. But too often, there simply isn’t time to run a successful business and track its digital marketing efforts. If you’re finding that your e-commerce marketing leaves a little to be desired, talk to Goldladder. With over 10 years experience working with all aspects of Google Adwords and Analytics, we can help you get the most out of your online retail business.

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