Hummingbird Google Update – Top 5 things you need to know

Google is constantly improving its search engine, which is always changing and evolving to improve the overall user experience for relevant information and data. The new algorithm –  Hummingbird Google update is no exception to this and is looking to raise the bar for high quality page content and creation. Here are the top 5 things you need to know:

1.      Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph will play a bigger role in SEO search results, which has been present on the search results for some time. Here is an example of the graph below in red:

Knowledge Graph - Hummingbird Google Update














If you type in ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, Google will present a box on the right hand side with images, information extracted from Wikipedia, artwork and relevant searches. This is linked with the organic search results on the left to improve the overall user experience.

2.      Mobile and Voice search

The new Hummingbird updates are believed to be heavily influenced for Google to become more mobile. Google also owns Android which has its own voice search capabilities similar to Siri for iPhone, and this is something Google has looked to improve on as voice search will naturally use more conversational and natural language. If your mobile is optimised for these type of long-tail keyword queries (e.g. ‘where can I get a coffee in Edinburgh’ or ‘how tall is the Eiffel tower’), then this could increase your mobile traffic

Google Nexus 4 Voice Search














3.      Page content and authority

Since the Google Panda and Penguin algorithms have been introduced, page content has been one of the main aims for ranking a page higher in the search rankings. This trend is set to continue and it is more important than ever to optimise every single page of your website targeting potential visitors with quality, unique content. Google will look to deliver users to the most relevant page of a website, rather than all traffic streams going through just the homepage.

4.      Focus on Quality

Google scrutinises poor quality sites as they want to offer the user the best pages in their search results as part of the Google service. Website owners need to make sure that their website is built on strong foundations such as site content, design, user-journey and even the CMS system the website is built in. This will also improve your online business enquiries, conversions and authority rankings in Google.

5.      SEO is not dead (yet!)

The latest Hummingbird algorithm update reinforces the importance of unique page/content creation and this is highly important for any SEO marketing strategy. By sticking to the best practises, it should increase long term success for your business. Beware though, recent changes to Google Analytics (not provided) data means Google could be looking to introduce a paid service for Google Analytics for access to keyword data, which could lead to a paid model in the future of search.

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