Implementing SEO for Classic Lodges’ New Site

Classic Lodges are one of our oldest and most successful clients, running a chain of hotels situated in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. In conjunction with their web design agency, we are in the process of designing a brand new site that will help their hotels successfully attract high value business like weddings and corporate events, as well as retaining and expanding their existing customer base.

Our strategy for the new site was based around simple, SEO friendly architecture, great content that triggered high value, competitive key phrases and comprehensive tracking that monitored key conversion and call points on site. Combine this with in depth Google Analytics reporting and voila, you have the perfect SEO base for a new site.

During our consultancy project we have advised on:

  • Site Architecture – we’ve actively reviewed years of web based data to ensure the website is driven by data rather than opinion.
  • User Experience – working directly with development agency to ensure site is built with the user in mind at all times.
  • Web analytics packages to measure engagement and sales
  • Best practice for tracking telephone sales / enquiries
  • On-page SEO
  • Booking Engine

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