How Goldladder Improves Organic Search Rankings

Improving Keyword Rankings – the Goldladder Method.

A little while back, Matt, a director here at Goldladder wrote about how we really dislike link building. We received a few slightly concerned enquiries from industry members and thought it best to compile a small blog post about what we do to improve keyword rankings.

Keyword Analysis – On-Page Suggestions

Goldladder analyses all keywords and provides handy, actionable on-page recommendations for your website. This not only helps you understand On-Page optimisation, but also helps you understand where you may have gone wrong in the past.

Making the recommended improvements helps keyword positions increase.

Goldladder works with copy-writers and internal bloggers to help build in search engine optimization knowledge.

Competitor Analysis

Goldladder analyze what competitors are doing when it comes to link-building and on-page optimization. Providing recommendations for link acquisitions/better internal linking. We also monitor how your top competitors rank for your keywords. Providing actionable suggestions to help improve organic search rankings and organic search traffic.

New Page Creation (following best practice guidelines)

Goldladder examine existing pages and then makes suggestions for improved or better targeted pages. If we find good reason to create new, targeted pages, we work closely with design agencies/copywriters to ensure search engine best practice is taken into consideration, giving you the maximum ability to rank successfully.

Link Acquisition

You might wonder why we have even included “link acquisition” into this blog post. Well, we all know links still do count. It’s just the method most SEO agencies use to find places to link (back to your site) that we have the most issue with.

Goldladder are wholly opposed to any link building program that artificially builds links – i.e. created links from places that are unlikely to gain a click from (spammy style blog posts, link directories etc). We work with internal PR teams/copywriters to help build believable links.

We analyze competitor links and help to find common linking opportunities.

We also provide suggestions for targeted e-PR releases that help to build quality backlinks.

Of course there is a lot more we do – but that would be giving the game away! If you are interested…

Why not contact Goldladder today? We would love to talk to you. And help you improve your organic search performance.


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About the Author:

Matt is a Goldladder co-founder and Director, and is not afraid to get his hands dirty on any project! With a technical background and healthy dislike of marketing in general, Matt looks towards data and conversions in a project rather than jumping on the latest bandwagon. He is Exeter based, often in London, and enjoys visiting the sharp end and exploring how the online world translates into real business for his clients. Matt has Google and Microsoft accreditations, enjoys Basecamp’s project management approach, and refuses to believe anything is real until it can be tracked in Google Analytics.