Pay Per Click Vs Product Listing Ads: Which is better?

For years, PPC (pay per click text ads) has been Google’s flagship revenue source, generating Billions of pounds on a yearly basis. Many small, medium and large companies who advertise via PPC get a great return on their investment for their business, and that’s why an increasing amount of our clients here at Goldladder use this powerful advertising tool.

PLA (product listing ads) was introduced in February 2013 for the UK, having had a successful spell of testing in the US. That success has continued in the UK, and this has been proven with our own clients:

– High click through rates
– Cheaper clicks
– Very good cost per conversion

Here is an example of pay per click ads Vs product ads. Where it’s highlighted, which ad would you click on? Text ad or product image ad:



Conclusion: Due to user habits and the way a PPC text ad can really up sell a product or service, you could argue that PPC ads are still the most profitable way to get a return on your investment.

PLA’s better in the future?: To  put a spanner in the works of my conclusion, the PLA landscape is changing, with Google testing a new way to display this platform of advertising. A newly featured arrow will open the bottom of the PLA area, expanding results from 5 to 16 products, completely taking out organic listings:


What’s more, big brands with huge product ranges are dedicated to using only PLA’s rather than PPC:


If you would like to find out how we can improve your business using Product listing ads, PPC or any other online service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Visit us at the Goldladder HQ and we will even provide free tea/coffee and cake 🙂

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