The Rise And Rise of Twitter

Congratulations to twitter – huge visitor numbers continue as people take-up the service, with some of the fastest growth appearing in the last few months. This has been put down to more media coverage following political unrest in Iran, amongst other things.

On the down side, speculation continues over how many accounts are created and abandoned, but clearly even if this metric was higher-than-expected, with the sort of input numbers twitter is getting, there should be no serious issues.


So is it important that several million people might be telling you what they had for breakfast each morning? Well of course it’s not just trivial information like that (although supermarkets/ cafes etc will call this information far from trivial).

Twitter is what I would call an alternative internet service, where it’s possible to:

– broadcast

– message

– receive news

– search

Typically optimised for a mobile device, I think that this is why twitter is starting to make sense to us humans. You wouldn’t want your address book on your mobile full of 3 billion addresses. It’s not a TV either, forcing you to watch ‘fixed channels’. Your mobile is a personal device. The networks – the internet – you access and engage with on your personal device should be your internet, created out of the information you choose to follow. While ipages and customised sites online create this environment too, its not the same if you have work PC’s and home machines.

This does present an issue for twitter though. How can they make money out of these many personal twitter universes? Even low key advertising on a mobile device is intrusive. My thought on this are:

1. Charge the users that are accessing twitter on large-scale enterprise levels, sweeten the deal with better tools

2. Make available further apps that can carry advertising (or paid-for)

3. Subscription data feeds to media channels

4. Book ad slots on TV/websites, offer advertising deals based on real time twitter data (i.e if new spiderman dvd is creating a buzz, trigger ads for this)

btw – happy to help, twitter – feel free to use any or all of the above, so maybe next year instead of visitor numbers we get to see some revenue numbers too!

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