The secret life of the Like button

A great piece of analysis by Yury Lifshits (@yurylifshits) on how Facebook likes stack up in comparison to news article page views. In the conclusions, I like his observation:

”….you should get around 5-20 tweets and likes per 1000 pageviews”

Yay – a decent metric for social media marketing at last!

I am also fascinated by the observation that ‘likes’ tail off rapidly past the 24hr point, even though the article in question may continue to get page hits. Hidden here then is a golden rule of social media optimisation over SEO – likes are to demonstrate to your friends that you have found new and happening content, so are not to be used in the mistaken belief that they are the new inbound links. It’s probably a good idea then to not expect any action if you plaster every corner of your website with little thumbs ups. Keep it in reserve instead for whenever you put your best foot forward with timely, well written posts.

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