Top 10 essentials for Google Places success!

At Goldladder, we think it’s highly important that your business targets the most relevant geographic areas depending on your goals, customer base and/or products.

Our aim is to maximise your profits which is why it’s essential to target the areas that will bring you more leads and conversions instead of investing time and money on areas that are not going to be profitable.

We believe in extensively researching your market and identifying key geographic areas to target your business. We want to make sure we get the maximum potential from a client’s campaign and will scour Devon, Europe or the Asia Pacific to do so!

The next steps we take are to create a Google Places account for your website. If you own a restaurant, users can read past reviews to find out if the food is to a quality standard. They can also find out what the area looks like on street view, so they know where to park their car when they arrive!

Of course you want Google Places to have a positive effect on your business but a negative review could change that. A great initiative could be to offer customers to write a fair review and get 10% off their next meal. Building up popularity and retaining customers will also further benefit profits in this scenario.

The final steps we take are to use this checklist so your website is optimised for the best results – we make sure it receives the exposure it deserves.

  1. Google Maps Listing
  2. Positive Ratings
  3. Quality photos
  4. Informative information
  5. Unique keywords
  6. Positive reviews
  7. Relevant contact number
  8. Appears on Google SERP
  9. Google Street Map Image
  10. Upcoming events updated regularly

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