Website Content – There are No Short Cuts

When it comes to creating marketable content for a website or a blog in 2014, a skill long forgotten in the technological swamp that is the digital marketing industry must be dragged to the surface, kicking and screaming, covered in mud and spewing grammatical rules. I mean of course, the art of writing.

 The ongoing changes in Google’s crawling algorithms that increasingly value new content over older SEO techniques like improving keyword relevance and density, combined with the skyrocketing numbers of blogs and articles posted on just about any subject you could imagine, means that in order to be of benefit to your website from a SEO perspective, the quality of any written content must be unfailingly high.

Unfortunately, there are no real short cuts for writing a decent piece of content. You’re either lucky enough to be able to engage readers naturally, or you spend hours drafting, revising sentences and generally tearing your hair out. However, there are a few small pearls of writer-ly wisdom that will help when navigating this tricky and time consuming part of SEO. Here are my top three:

 1) Use a list format

Many of the best content on websites in any industry, be it video game makers or hardware suppliers, will use lists to create clear, informative and engaging content. It’s logical format makes it easy for search engines to parse for information and perhaps more importantly, it sets out the points you want to make to your customers in a format that only takes seconds to absorb in broad strokes. Whether you want to show off your best-selling items or do something as simple as make your audience laugh, the humble list is a great place to start.

 2) Keep it fresh 

Websites known for their good content aren’t producing 3 or 4 brilliant pieces every 6 months. In fact, even the best content marketer in the world won’t help your SEO that much if they’re barely producing anything. Two hours a week spent coming up with a new blog post, whether it be a unique analysis of a recent industry development, or a commentary on recent work done by your own company will improve your credibility in the eyes of customers and help position your business as a mouthpiece for your industry.

A word of warning: It’s a fine line between spamming fluff every day and regularly producing good content, but as a general rule of thumb, something new every week to add to your business’ blog will begin to generate significant improvements.

3) Good writing is both universal and unique (somehow)

The skills for creating a good written piece (engagement, structure, overarching thematic points) are broadly the same regardless of which industry or company you are writing about. You have to draw a reader or potential customer into a relationship with your company, using your written content to advertise your expertise, experience, even your product range. A really good piece of content however, will take these universal concepts and apply them to a unique idea or insight. With the number of websites in every industry producing large amounts of online written content, approaching a popular topic with a new idea will make what you produce stand out from the content of your competitors.

But, (and I can’t say this enough), without regularly updating your content and accumulating an audience, even the best, most original piece of content will disappear into the search results without a trace. So crack your fingers, dust off that typewriter, hone your content marketing and get writing.


At Goldladder, we encourage all business owners and marketing teams to extol the virtues of their business in blog posts written from the heart. However, real life is never as kind as to allow pink unicorns and several hours of creative thinking in a busy day.

Goldladder can assist by finding out themes that really make your business unique, proud and generally bring out your good side. And this is what your prospective punters want to see too. We can then get to work on a good blog post that also covers your SEO aims, and have this ready for your inspection and comments. Once launched, Goldladder can report back on the success of the blog post via Google Analytics.

We will ensure the themes don’t dry up too – by looking at areas your current content needs assistance with from organic traffic, we can produce a fairly packed calendar of planned blog releases. And all this wordy output makes for great social media sharing material too, so you can hinge a conversation online around your latest blog piece. Why not contact me at Goldladder to find out more?

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