What are Google Enhanced Ad Sitelinks?

At Goldladder we love ad sitelinks. On nearly all campaigns with sitelinks, we have a conversion rate of at least double that of the main ad link. This is down to sitelinks allowing visitors to land on the most relevant landing page.

For a few years now Google have allowed advertisers to add up to 4 additional links to their Google ads. A few months ago, they updated this to allow up to 6 links.

Earlier this week Google announced a much more significant update, which mimics their new style of organic sitelinks. We believe this to be one of the biggest and best updates to Adwords since Remarketing, which Google are calling Enhanced Ad Sitelinks.

Example of old style sitelinks

Example of enhanced sitelinks

Unlike previous sitelinks which displayed one, 35 character line of text, the new style displays the sitelink as the headline, and the body text from a related ad.

In order for your campaigns to display enhanced ad sitelinks, your sitelinks need to be very closely related to the ads in your campaign. This would likely mean some serious spring cleaning for most advertisers. With the option to effectively show 5 ads, dominate the top of the results page, and receive more targeted traffic, it’s definitely worth the overhaul.

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