What is Adwords Remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of advertising on The Google Display Network (GDN). For most, the GDN is a tough cookie to crack. With terrible CTR’s, high CPA’s and unpredictable spend. It all comes down to getting your ads in front of the right audiences.

This is where Remarketing steps into the limelight. Unlike conventional GDN advertising where you specify sites or types of site to advertise on, remarketing allows you to only target users that have previously shown an interest in your site.

When a user visits chosen pages on your site, they are added to your remarketing list. This then allows you to just display ads to these users, regardless of what GDN site they visit. Remarking allows you to choose how often ads are displayed, and for how long. 4-8 impressions a day per user, for a maximum of 30 days is a good start.

Of course there are other ways of using Remarketing. For example, you could add users that have signed up for a 2 week trial of your service to your remarking list, and then target them in 2 weeks with a compelling reason to sign up in full. Only they complete the conversion, they will no longer see your ads.

We have seen fantastic results from remarketing from a number clients. In some cases the CPA has been half that of our SEM campaigns, with a conversion rate 40% higher.

If you think remarketing could help your business, why not get in touch.